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lims_tvandfilm's Journal

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A Last Icon Maker Community devoted to tv shows and movies. Each round will be centered around a certain show/film that you will be assighned to icon.
Any questions? Feel free to direct them to me, myneonhearts


[01] In order to participate you must sign up.
[02] Everybody automatically gets one skip. This allows you to not enter one challenge without being eliminated. However, skips may not be used when there are 5 people left.
[03] Each week, a new challenge is posted and you have to enter your icon by the deadline. During the week you can change your entry as much as you want. If you want to change your icon you must either edit or delete your previous entry.
[04] All effects except animation are allowed.
[05] Some challenges will have special rules. Please make sure you read them carefully. When a challenge has no special rules, you can do whatever you want with the icon (except animation).
[06] Each challenge there will be a Mod's Choice award and a People's Choice award. The People's Choice is determined by votes.
[07] Participants must vote in order to be eligible for either of the weekly awards.
[08] When voting, you must supply decent reasons for eliminations. Reasons for your favorites is now optional. Positive votes will cancel out negative votes.
[09] Some sessions might have a comeback round. This challenge will be for everyone that was eliminated throughout the session. They have a chance to be brought back in.
[10] Make sure you're aware of the weekly schedule (below). Also, adding the community to your friends list is probably a good idea.
[11] All icons must be made specifically for this contest. No prior work may be accepted. No stealing other people's work and claiming it as your own.
[12] Your icon must meet LJ requirements: cannot exceed 40KB or 100x100.


Monday - A challenge containing your assigned screencap will go up.
Friday - The challenge will close. Voting will be set up.
Sunday - Voting ends and the winners are announced.


Round 1 – crucified
Round 2 – naive_astronaut
Round 3 – naginis
Round 4 – nadya149
Round 5 – sietepecados
Round 6 – shameless666
Round 7 – julie_izumi
Round 8 – naive_astronaut
Round 9 – nadya149
Round 10 – Pending

Rules, guidelines and general running are drawn from and inspired by lims_movie

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